Speak: Engage and Inspire

Whether a luncheon presentation or a keynote address, Peter engages the audience in a dynamic interaction with an inspirational and charismatic presence. His captivating delivery style incorporates real-life stories and unconventional approach to problem solving. He strives for the audience to achieve everyday solutions that lead to a lifetime of accomplishments.

QuoteThe presentation was captivating and highly applicable to both my personal and professional lives. The honest delivery and fascinating examples from his experiences are truly motivational. The message goes deep, transforms you, and endures.

Peter delivers his message grounded in the practical knowledge of working with full inner potential. His passionate experience of inner awareness provides the foundation for sharing the keys to personal empowerment. Peter's strong intuitive connection with the audience yields an impact at the core of every individual.


Never mind the answer, what is the question?

The right answer requires asking the proper question.

In the pursuit of definitive answers and overwhelmed by the availability of research options in today's information age, the basic approach to solving a problem is no longer obvious. With too much available information, it is difficult to produce a confident response. Shift the perspective, and the search for answers begins in the most unexpected place. Ask the right questions which will provide self-evident answers.

Frequently enriching his materials, Peter customizes each presentation through detailed research to achieve the most authentic response from the audience. As a result, the speaking engagement will result in a shift of perspective and irreversible enhancement of inner awareness.