Making the Rollercoaster Work for You

Stop listening to 'statistics' and the doom and gloom predictions. Whether the economy is growing or contracting, there are always people that have abundant work. How do they stay in demand?

CEO pay

Should the executive compensation contracts be honored in light of the financial meltdown? Who bears the ultimate responsibility for company's performance?

Academy of American and International Law conducts its six-week program at its Center headquarters in Plano, Texas each summer.

World Affairs Council

World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth promotes international awareness, understanding and connections through its multifaceted programs.

The Bailout Man

Treasury's James Lambright, TARP Investment Chief, Is a Tough Negotiator and at 38 years of age the man behind the plan engineering the government's $350 billion bailout of financial institutions. Christmas or New Years makes no difference as the Bailout Man Turns the Screws.