Advise: Guide and Encourage

Many entrepreneurs start a business from a passionate skill they have acquired in their personal or professional life. As the company grows from a few employees to an ongoing concern, the management of the business takes precedence. The pursuit and enjoyment of the skill that was the incentive for starting the enterprise gives way to frequent exhaustion and questions of continued viability.

Peter is the founder of Skvare, LLC - a group of technical professionals that builds systems to manage online content and customer databases for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

QuoteOur director's meeting always focused on fixing daily problems. As Peter facilitated a handful of sessions, we generated creative ideas and got everyone to share in a future vision of the company.

Frequent concerns over the email server, web site hosting or content, financial statements, inventory control, or document retention take a significant portion of time and energy, often leaving real business opportunities untapped. Many times the darkest place is right under the candle and a wider perspective is needed.

QuoteWe received advice on new product development, marketing strategies, sales messaging, and cash flow optimization that were easy to act on. The ability for Peter to grasp seemingly unrelated concepts and his practical business knowledge streamlined our operation and doubled our gross margins.

Transitioning from working in the business to working on the business begins with placing the proper structures in place. Well designed systems require only infrequent modifications, instead allocating the available time and energy on the core offering of the business. Planning strategically for growth and success while enjoying the journey is a key element in attaining both personal and business goals.

QuotePeter's experience in technology and marketing was critical in our planning and implementation process. His insights and recommendations have the business growing and running successfully while [the owner] was able to step back and pursue further market expansion.