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Peter facilitates targeted sessions and multi-day Teacher of Ideasworkshops that turn attendees into interactive participants. He combines dynamic short lectures with relevant experiences that create a comfortable environment for everyone to explore the subject and step beyond self-limiting assumptions and long-held beliefs. Through his unique approach, Peter evokes the full potential of the audience. Don't try to guess the future, take responsibility for creating it!


Always pushing the envelope of maximum impact, Peter uniquely customizes each keynote presentationMicrophone for the occasion. He engages the audience in original ways and motivates everyone to think with a new perspective. Beyond simply delivering a message, Peter entices, inspires, and calls for action that brings about transformation. His authentic delivery and subject matter expertise result in captivating experiences that deliver results.


Checklist donePeter assists business owners and decision makers in bridging the gap of daily operations and long-term strategic direction. His broad experience brings about future vision, and his practical knowledge delivers actionable solutions that transform one business at a time. Beyond subject matter expertise, Peter combines seemingly unrelated topics into new paradigms.